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You have to love bad metal karaoke http://t.co/S1XKaKqE

Alternative 4 is one of the best records of all time

Why do I have to have chronic insomnia when I’m in writing mode … Morpheus take me down for just a few hours

As the sun dies we reach the end…

Kitty loves to violate Mommy’s laptop http://t.co/qnblvjQX

Sanctuary song writing sessions are going so fucking sick good… I think we just wrote our painkiller…

My big beautiful girl! http://t.co/hJN0fUxb

Check me out and don’t be shy about hitting the like button http://t.co/aYADCnFm

Now that I’ve actually started to record rough vocal tracks I’m coming to the realization that this record will be a defining moment

Contemptus saeculi… Deus mortuus est